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LOTUS HERBAL YouthRX Anti-Ageing Nourishing Night Cream

I respect all the lotus herbal products. I think they always work and give average to above average results which, in plain words, means that they do work.

I have hit the bottom of this cream tub and that shows how much I used and liked it. It is an achievement to finish it till the end and all those bloggers and the skin care junkies will understand what I mean.:)

Product claims: Anti-Ageing cream with revolutionary 'Gineplex Youth Compound' derived from potent natural ingredients (Ginseng, Ginger, Milk Peptide) and clinically proven for accelerated lifting, firming and protective action on skin. Hydrates the skin and corrects the moisturisation level.

-Visibly reduces appearance of fine lines, open pores and wrinkles by nourishing the skin overnnight.
-Fresh and visibly younger looking skin when you wake up
MRP: 695 INR (Usually on discounts at Nykaa)
Qty: 50 g
Shelf life: 3 years

Consistency: light cream that spreads easily.
Color: white
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My experience:
This is the first night cream that really worked for my skin. I use it every night right after the toner or my innisfree green tea serum (click to read the review). I massage it on to my face, neck and decolletage just before going for sleep. After a few weeks of usage, I could notice that the laughing lines around my lips and light wrinkles on my forehead have softened. They have not disappeared nor do I expect that but certainly softened. I thought the cream would work on my pigmentation spots but it has not yet. Still, I like the cream for the hydration it provides. It never breaks my skin out nor does it feel sticky. It works for me both in summer and winter so it's an all rounder for me.

Overall, I have enjoyed using it. and even bought it for my mom and aunts. They have loved it too.
So I think it works for anyone in the age 25 to 40. I think it will suit all skin types, can't say that for extreme dry skin though as this cream is not super hydrating.

1) Cruelty free and vegan
2) Mildly hydrates the skin
3) doesn't cause breakouts
4) softens the fine lines but doesn't remove them completely
5) Affordable

1. Mild fragrance not overpowering but still I don't like the smell
2. Tub feels heavy, besides, I would have rather preferred it in a tube or bottle.
3. The lid is thin and fragile. I accidently dropped the cream and the lid broke instantly. Dear Lotus, I hope you are reading it and will give us a better lid!

Overall verdict:
I think it is one of the best budget friendly night creams.

Will I recommend it?

Will I buy it again?
I don't mind buying it again, but I have to try Joseon dynasty, Egyptian cream, Missha Time revolution and Estee lauder night repair cream first.

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Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

Hola everybody,

It took me so much time to understand this serum and finally, I'm ready to review it.

Product claims: This nourishing moisture serum is formulated with freshly squeezed jeju green tea and green tea seeds to create a dewy and clear skin from deep within.
MRP: 1950 INR
Qty: 80 ML
Shelf life: 3 years
Shelf life after opening the product: 12 Months
(I think all makeup and skin care products come with these 2 shelf lives; second one is mentioned on the product itself. Check for an image on the bottom that shows a circular container with lid open, there the number of months is given, for example, 12M which means 12 months' life after opening the product)

Color and texture: Almost transparent, lotion like
Consistency: thin and runny
Packaging: Comes with a pump dispenser and the pump is very effective in withdrawing the right amount.

My experience:
Click on the image to enlarge
I didn't use it for quite a long time after buying it. When I first used it in summer, I found it sticky and noticed small red pimples on my skin. So I stopped using it. Then after 2-3 months, I again started using it. I keep it in the fridge and apply it mostly after the face wash or after the rose water spray on my skin. In summer, I took very small quantity almost equal to 1 grain of black chikpeas and now in winter, I have doubled the quantity. I realized that the product efficacy depends on using the right amount of the product. Now my skin loves it.

(For reference, I have oily combination, acne prone skin which turns normal to dry in the winter season)

It is a very light weight moisturiser that would suit all skin types. It is very gentle and absorbs in the skin quickly. It keeps my skin soft and hydrated and is quite reliable. Although it is hard to prove, but I think it is also helping my skin to control the size of the open pores. Overall, this is a decent lightweight serum cum moisturizer.

1) Majority of the ingredients are natural and clean
2) Lightweight
3) Absorbs quickly and is mild on skin
4) Skin feels soft and supple
5) Non-sticky if kept in fridge
6) Smells good

1. It comes at a price but lasts for about 6-8 months if used daily.
2.Need to be careful with the quantity. Too less may make skin feel stretchy and too much can make skin feel sticky

Overall Verdict:
It is decent serum that keeps the skin hydrated. So if you are just looking for hydration and nothing has worked well for you, you may give it a try.

Will I buy it again?
I don't think so. There are plenty of other multi tasking serums. I have ordinary buffet serum to try and then Estee lauder, keihl's, Leejiham and klairs ...There are so many other products that I would rather spend on than this one.

What's your favorite serum?
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Monday, 3 December 2018

Travelling from Airport to New Delhi Railway station- complete guide

Since my home town is in Punjab. I often travel to Delhi then take a train from there to Punjab. From airport I have been many times conned by taxi drivers. They charged me as high as 800-900 INR to station. Besides, I wanted to find a safer, cheaper and time efficient mode of travelling. Nothing sounded better than Delhi Metro service. So here is the complete guide including food recommendations.

If you are travelling from Airport especially Terminal T1 to New Delhi Railway station or vice versa then read on. This article is written for you.

Interestingly, there are two metro options to travel from Airport Terminal T1: 1) New Delhi Metro (regular metro) 2) Airport express line (special metro for airport).

So upon arrival on Delhi Airport Terminal T1, I walked a certain distance to reach Delhi Metro, from where I got a ticket @40 INR for New Delhi Railway station . But I had to change metro at the station called Hauz Khas. My train arrived at Plaform no.2 (The train route is written so there is no confusion) From Hauz Khas, I got train to New Delhi Railway station. Once I reached New Delhi metro station, I exited from GATE 1 and right in front of me I could see the New Delhi Railway station. (Don't exit from GATE 3, it will take you to Ajmeri Gate and the distance to Railway station will increase)

At station, I went towards Platform number 16. Right after the security check in point, on the left side just below the staircase, there is an AMAZING IRCTC Executive lounge which offers buffet. They have both Veg and non Veg options. The veg buffet costs 341 INR. They gave me 30 minutes to have my lunch. The food was very good and delicious and while coming back again to Delhi, I stopped at the same place for my lunch. They have different menu each time which always includes one Soup, Coffee, Salad, Papad, paneer ki sabzi, Roti (Indian bread), Rice, Raita, Dry veg, Dal, and Sweet dish.

These are the photos inside the lounge. They also have bath and other options for day time rest but they charge extra.

So overall it took me about 1 hour to reach New Delhi railway station from Airport.

When I was coming back to Delhi to board a flight again. I stopped by the same Executive lounge near platform 16. After coming out of station, right in front of me, I saw Airport Express line metro; so this time, I took Airport special metro. This Metro goes directly to Terminal T3, but for terminal T1 and T2, you have to get down at Aerocity and take a shuttle bus from there. They have an exclusive counter for airport travellers and also check in facility for Indigo and Spice Jet I suppose (I'm not sure about the airlines offering check in facility at metro station). My flight was arriving at Terminal 1 D, So, I bought the ticket to Aerocity at 50 Rupees.  I went at platform 2 and waited for the metro.

I really liked this metro. They had chair seats and even exclusive shelves to keep the luggage. It took 20 minutes to reach Aerocity. On exit, right in front of me was the bus to Terminal T1 so I boarded it. The bus reached Terminal 2 first where we took the bus ticket and then went to Terminal T1-C. This bus service is available between 6 AM to 11 PM only. It took me about 20 minutes to reach T1 from Aerocity. So total about 40-50 minutes. Once at T1 C, I took an elevator and reached the above floor T1 D.

So overall, my metro experience was quite good and cheap!
If you don't mind walking and little hassle of buying tickets, metro is really a good way to commute.

Here are the pros and cons of New Delhi Metro vs Airport expressline Metro

New Delhi Metro:
1.At a walking distance from Terminal 1 itself
2. Quite economical
3. New Delhi railway station is right at the exit from Gate 1
4. No worries about traffic

1. You have to switch the trains at Hauz Khas and walking distance is painfully long.
2. Sometimes metro is too crowded to get a seat.

Airport express line metro
1. Direct link to T3, no switching of trains required.
2. For T1 and T2, again the train is direct but have to get down and take a bus at Aerocity
3. Mostly everyone gets a seat because it's an airport exclusive train.
4. comfortable chair seats
5. Allotted space for luggage.
6. No worries about traffic

1. Had to get down at Aerocity and take shuttle bus if going to T1 or 2.
2. The bus service is available only from 6 AM to 11 PM.

(From Airport T1, if you want to take airport express line metro, ask for the way to shuttle bus at airport; the bus costs 30 INR . The shuttle bus is nearer. It will take you to the Aerocity metro station and from there you can take direct metro to New Delhi Railway station.)
Also, note that, if you are going to T3 by the Airport express metro, the metro station is just a floor down from T3 so you can take an elevator and reach T3 easily.

I hope you find the article useful.
Happy and safe travelling!

With lots of love,