Monday, 9 September 2019

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E mask | Review

This is one of the best sleeping masks I've tried so far. Improves skin texture, brightens, hydrates and heals the skin while giving a glow from within. 

Product claims: Boosting radiance and glow- The freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask hydrates the skin and enhances the effects of vitamin C products. It's formulated with Niacinamide and Adenosine, which give various skin improving effects and can also be used a gel type moisturizing cream

Vitamin E  has skin softening, anti-ageing properties, soothes inflammation, and even shields skin against sun damage. Niacinamide is great for those with oily, acne-prone skin as it works to suppress sebum secretion for a more balanced complexion. Adenosine is found in every single one of our cells, to strengthen our skin by promoting collagen synthesis and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, making it effective in wound healing and regeneration, and improving acne caused by oily skin.

Directions: After cleansing, apply an adequate amount and pat lightly to absorb.

Quantity: 90 ml
MRP: 1850 INR (on Price varies on different websites.
Shelf life: 3 years (12 months after opening)
Packaging: Sturdy glass tub
Color and consistency: White, Gel like
Fragrance: Essential oil, herbs like

My experience: I am someone who likes to use minimum products for skin care. I am too lazy to use too many products. So I need something that is like an all purpose cream, especially for night time, when I am too tired to even wash my face and literally just want to hit the sack.

This is why I am cherishing the Klairs Vitamin E mask so much these days. I bought it in a blog sale on Instagram and although I had heard great reviews about it, it was just a whimsical purchase for me. Who knew I would love it so much!

After cleansing my face, I take a pinch size amount with spatula that comes along with the tub, and then massage this cream all over my face and decolletage. I pat off the remaining quantity and that's it. Sometimes, when I am more energetic, I do apply a toner before it, but most of the times, I just use 2 steps: Cleanser then Sleeping mask.

It is very quick absorbing and is water like when massaged on the skin. You need to experiment with the quantity that your skin may need; there is really no point applying too much.

When I wake up in the morning, I love to admire my skin. The effects are visible. It improves the texture of my skin. My skin looks more alive, soft, and firm. It adds a very subtle natural glow to the skin that can come only with hydration. It also heals my skin whenever I get any breakouts, and has helped in improving my skin complexion besides reducing the pore size around my nose.

I have definitely found one more holy grail product. Since the time I bought it, I've really not reached out for my facial oils at all.

The product stands true to all its claims! Thank you Klairs for making such an amazing product!

1. It has niacinamide that helps heal breakouts and brighten the complexion
2. Has vitamin C that improves texture and brightens the skin
3. Visibly improves the skin texture
4. Makes skin hydrated
5. Packaging is travel friendly because of its size.
6. Comes with a spatula, so easy to take out the quantity
7. Heals the acnes
8. Makes skin radiant, reduces pore size
9. Makes skin firm and softens the wrinkles
10. Can be used during both day and night time

Can't think of any.

Overall verdict: 
This is one of those products that is probably made for all skin types. It is water based which makes it a good choice for oily skin, combination and acne prone skin. It is hydrating which makes it a perfect choice for people with dull or dehydrated skin.

Will I buy and recommend it?

Lots of love, Neha

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask | Review

If you have dry lips and are seeking a good nourishing treatment, read on my review on this beloved Korean Lip Sleeping Mask

Product claims: Smooth firming lip night care: A lip sleeping mask that provides all-day smooth, firm lips by gently melting away dead skin on the lips overnight and relieves troubles that could not be solved with moisturizing lip balm alone.
  • A berry mix complex containing four types of berries provides the lips with rich vitamins and offers antioxidant effect, for smooth, firm lips.
  • Laneige moisture wrap technology helps purify the damage and stress from frequent lip makeups and others on the lips and provides deep moisturing components to maintain moist, soft lips. 
How to use: Apply generously and leave on overnight. In the next morning, gently wipe off any residue with tissue. For external use only.
Qty: 8g
MRP: 500 INR
Shelf life: 3 years (12 months after opening)
Color and consistency: Light pink and moderately thick
Fragrance: Gum like
Packaging: Sturdy plastic, small cute tub

My Experience: I have very dry lips that are prone to chipping which is very annoying and painful sometimes. I bought this lip sleeping mask in winters when every other remedy like ghee, lip balms and scrubs had failed. This mask has been my saviour.

I apply it at night and leave it be. It is quite thick when applied and is sticky, but that is what makes it special. It replenishes lips overnight, and makes them softer. In the morning, you won't find even a hint of this thick balm, just the healed lips. I love how effective and fuss free it is. I found this balm to be a way better alternative to vaseline and other remedies. Only if it could cure my lip pigmentation! I would have nothing left to ask then. Anyway, the balm is still a holy grail in my shelf.

The best part is, you won't have to rely on lip scrubs too much if you are using it because it also works as a scrub- the most gentle one.

Note: Although I'm stating the obvious, remember, since it is a thick layer, you can't eat or kiss after applying it. Wink:  Also, it is only for night treatment and can not be used as a substitute for lip balms in the morning.

1. Makes lips softer
2. Heals chapped lips
3. Gently takes off the dead skin
4. Easily available in India
5. Affordable
6. Only a little quantity is required, so 8 g will last for about 6 months.

1. Hygiene. Since it is a tub packaging, I need to use my finger. I would have appreciated, if it came with a spatula to take out the quantity.

Overall Verdict:
This lip sleeping mask is a must try if you have dry lips.

Will I recommend and buy it?
A big fat Yes to both!

Lots of love, Neha

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Blend It Raw Apothecary Rose Mist, Basil Mist / Toner | Review | Brand Awareness series #2

Hey guys, 

Today I am going to share my review on yet another Indian Brand "Blend It Raw Apothecary" founded by Aarushi. The brand started with organic essential oils and cold-pressed unrefined carrier oils, but later expanded its range to include unrefined clays, pure floral waters (hydrosols), waxes, & fruit, and plant butters which are all ethically sourced from small farmers, NGOs, certified organic manufacturers and suppliers. (You will be making a social contribution while buying your skin care products!)

I love this brand for some DIY recipes which I can create for my skin care and also, for its amazing mists/toners/hydrosols.

Let's talk about Hydrosols
Hydrosols are distilled water used for aroma-therapeutic purposes. These hydrosols act like toners but are more effective than our usual toners. I mean a Rose Hydrosol is more effective than a rose toner.:)

I love the overall concept of these Hydrosols.
MRP: 400 INR each
Shelf life: 6 months
Qty: 100 ml
Packaging: Glass
Texture and color: Water like, transparent

My Experience: 
I love using toners because they prepare the skin for the next step. So, there is nothing more pleasing than having a toner that actually works. I have previously used Kama Ayurveda's Rose toner and Forest Essentials' Panchpush mist and I loved both of them. But when I first tried the BlendItRaw toners, I knew I would buy them forever. 

The most important thing about these toners is: they are very light on skin, never give a sticky feeling and never break me out (Yes, some toners do this to me, but not this one). Also, these toners have such fresh fragrance that they take me back to nature. 

It took me time to get used to the Basil Hydrosol's fragrance, but this toner is my go to whenever my skin gets zits. And when I need a little more hydration, I use the Rose Hydrosol. 

1. Natural products
2. Effective 
3. Toners come with spray pump and hence, are very easy to use
4. Natural fragrance
5. Absolutely calm my skin without giving a tacky feeling
6. Last for a long time
7. Suitable for ALL skin types
8. Many variants for different skin concerns (You can check their website and even post a query to get recommendation)

1. Glass bottle, so need to be careful while handling it.

Overall Verdict:
Hydrosols are new way to go and work great as toners and mists. We can use them at any time of the day as they make skin look fresh without giving a sticky feeling.

Will I recommend it?
I will buy it again and again and will absolutely recommend these hydrosols to anyone.

Other must try products from the brand:
Body Butters, Licorice Powder, Orange Peel Powder, Pure Aloevera Gel.

Lots of love, Neha

Thursday, 15 August 2019

GlamAroma Pumpkin and Bridal Glow Serums | Reviews | Brand Awareness series #1

Hey guys,

In my brand awareness series, starting today, I am going to introduce some homegrown brands which are worth investing your money in and have given me results.

These are NOT SPONSORED products or posts. This series is truly in line with the motto I started my blog with - to create awareness. Also, I will give my recommendations in each post about which product worked for me and which not.

Let's begin: GLAMAROMA

I came across this brand on Instagram and decided to try a few products. I ordered their perfumes (MUST BUY), Vitamin C Cleanser, Rose Gold Toner/Mist, Coffee Infused Under Eye Serum, Sugar Kiss Lip Serum, Pumpkin Skin Renewal Serum, Bridal Glow Serum, and Glowing Goddess Serum. So, here is my honest review:

About the brand: The brand started on Instagram and successfully launched its products on its website and Amazon this year. 100 % Natural, Chemical Free, Paraben Free, Handmade, Cruelty Free, Vegan Products.
Photo taken from GlamAroma's Instagram page
My experience:
I have used plenty of products from the brand including the eye shadows which it launched may be 6 months back. I absolutely loved the lip serum, Bridal Glow serum and Pumpkin serum, and emptied the bottles.

Bridal Glow serum and Pumpkin Skin Renewal serum: I used these oils in the night after cleaning my face. I switched between Pumpkin and Bridal as per my skin's requirements. The texture of Bridal glow serum is thinner than Pumpkin serum. When my skin was having a bad day due to pimples and zits, I would use Bridal glow serum because it would reduce the size and instantly calm the skin, and when my skin was dehydrated or dull, I used pumpkin serum which plumped my skin and added a nice glow. Fragrance wise, I did not like any of them, but effects were visible, so I continued to use until I reached the end of the bottles. I loved both of these. But now the brand has increased the price, so I am not going to buy them. (Pumpkin is currently priced at 1300 INR for 15 ml!!! and Bridal glow @ 750 INR for 15 ml). Why honey? Why our beloved homegrown brands have to be expensive! Yes, we can choose not to buy:(

Besides, I think the oil has different reaction on different skins. My sister-in-law's skin started behaving erratically after using the Pumpkin serum.

Next, I loved using the lip serum (price 550 INR for 15 ml) in the night. I have very dry lips which crack and hurt a lot. Still, the serum hydrated my lips and made them soft. However, it did not do anything for the pigmentation.

The Glowing Goddess serum is an oil to be used before makeup to protect the skin. I loved mixing it with my Maybelline Fit Me foundation and the oil made the foundation spread oh-so-evenly that applying foundation became very easy. However, when I learned makeup professionally, I was taught that oil should not be used in the makeup application, and I did feel that it reduced the staying power of my overall makeup.

The Rose Gold toner was a disaster. It had good reviews, but it made my skin sticky and made pimples appear on it. Overall, my skin did not like it at all.

Vitamin C cleanser was good. I enjoyed the freshness the orange fragrance brought to my senses and my face. The cleanser did brighten up my skin instantly, but I won't buy it again due to many other options.

Coffee infused serum did not work on my dark circles at all.
My teeny-weeny collection:)
Perfumes!!! Oh my God, I will never have enough of them. The brand has many original fragrances and has also successfully made the dupe of some high end brands' fragrances. For example, Guilt is close to Gucci Guilty for women, Velvet Rush close dupe of Rush by Gucci, Glance close to Chance by Channel, Love potion close to Issey Miyake's L'Eau d'Issey, Flora close to Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, High Heels close to Good Girl by Caroline Herera (This one is usually out of stock).

The perfumes are really long lasting. They stay for almost entire day and even until you wash your clothes. I have got many compliments whenever I use these perfumes and they are a staple in my vanity. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The brand has all these fragrances in mini size available at 100 INR and these fragrances are a must try. I never buy full size because I need variety. So I own almost all of the Glamaroma's fragrances.

Okay, I have taken first two pics from GlamAroma's page because my bottles look like this:
All emptied!

1. Natural, home made products
2. Easily available
3. Products are effective but their effectiveness also depends on how your skin takes them.
4. Paraben free products
5. Oils come with a dropper which makes it very easy to use them.
6. Products last a long time as very less quantity is required (just 2-4 drops)
6. Most of the products have shelf life of 1 year. (I used my 15 ml bottle for 6 months)

1. Glass packaging, so, the products are not very travel friendly.
2. Price of the best selling rises.:( I should have stocked up on Pumpkin serum.
3. The fragrance of a few products may not appeal to some people.

Overall Verdict:
The products are trustworthy, reliable and effective. But try one at a time and don't buy many things together.

My recommendations:
Fragrances, Lip Serum, Pumpkin Serum, and Bridal Glow Serum.

P.S. There are some coupon codes available for certain brands, and this brand has collaboration with a makeup artist. So here is her coupon code to get 5 percent discount: MUATUBA5

Lots of love, Neha