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Most favorite Korean/Chinese drama list - 1

Hey guys,

I'm not sure when my obsession with korean dramas started. May be when I got really tired of long running Indian serials with the repetitive plots? When the stories stopped making sense:)

SO today I am compiling a list of the dramas that I have watched in the past 3 years and don't mind watching time and again. If you haven't started yet, I am very sure, you will get addicted once you start! I will split the list in 2 parts. You will find the link of the second list in the end of this post.

Note: (I'm not writing them in any sequence. They are all my favorites and can't really number them)

1. LOVE O2O 

Review: Purely entertaining, super smooth love story packed with comedy. No break ups, No push and pull and No melodrama. Most favorite until now.

This is the first Chinese drama that I am head over heels in love with. A must watch. All the 30 episodes make the time still and you are so engrossed in the story that you would want this to never come to an end. 

It's a unique blend of action, romance, comedy and college life.

Love this drama so much that I might as well beg people to watch it!
Characters: The lead characters (Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang) are Godly and the chemistry between them is so perfect that you can literally tell what they are feeling. They will leave you sighing and longing for a sweetheart like them.

Plot: Both lead characters are computer science students and popular in their university for their looks and talent. Their romance starts while playing a famous online social game in which they get married and fight the monsters together. After an incident, they decide to meet up in real life and their love story progresses with a battle of wits. Zheng Shuang is super cute and Yang Yang is a heart throbber, which makes their love story even more sizzling and captivating.

2.  It's Okay That is Love

Plot and review: This is a very unique Korean drama. There are no love triangles, just a delightful love story. The actors are in their 30s and want to get settled with marriage but not without love.  Jo In-Sung (Jang Jae-yeol) is a novelist famed for his writing as well as a casinova image and Gong Hyo-Jin (Ji Hae-soo) is a psychiatrist who has sex phobia and lacks romantic emotions. 

Jae yeol meets Hae soo during a TV interview and is bewitched by her. He immediately starts pursuing her and becomes her flatmate. With his love and confidence, he makes Hae soo come out of her phobia and fall in love with him. Twist comes when Hae Soo realizes that Jae Yeol himself  is suffering from Obsessive compulsive disorder and is prone to harm himself. With the power of their love, they heal each other's wounded hearts and are happily married.

The story is a blend of melodrama and comedy. You will laugh and cry while the characters take you on a journey of 16 sweet and warm episodes. 

GENRE: Comedy, Romance, Melodrama, Family


Plot and review: Oh My God! I was absolutely smitten by Ji Chang Wook (the lead actor playing Seo Jung Hoo) in this drama. So much so that I ended up watching his other 2 dramas (K2 and Suspicious Partner) just to look at him for some more time. His flawless super smooth movements and action made me replay all the 20 episodes again and again.

 Jung hoo also called Healer is an "√©rrand boy" who works for money and can do anything except murder. A reporter Chae Young falls in love with him but Jung hoo's profession does not allow him to have affection for anyone. To protect Chae Young from any danger, he pushes her away but not for long. Their love starts growing stronger in the midst of action while they work together to expose people involved in their parents' death.

The best part of this drama is its power packed spell binding action that will suit everybody's taste and the awww-so-cute and ohhhhh-my romance between Jung hoo and Chae Young.

GENRE: Action, Thriller, Romance


This Korean drama was the best drama of 2017 for me. An epic story of 32 episodes, this drama made me laugh my head off. Watching these lead actors's story was truly an emotional, hilarious and romantic journey that I will never be able to forget I guess.

Plot: Yoo Seung Ho (Kim Min Kyu) is an innocent, exceptionally talented business man who is allergic to human touch due to a past incident. He meets a super cute and smart Robot Chae Soo Bin (Jo Ji Ah) who is actually a human but is acting as a robot for an important experiment. The ball starts rolling when Jo Ji Ah had to stay at Kim Min Kyu's place as Robot and slowly she starts to see a warm, charming, lonely boy hidden under the layers of this loathsome, indifferent, and cold businessman.

This is a must watch drama, if for nothing else, then for Yoo Seung Ho's adorable, alluring smile. wink:

GENRE: Romance, Emotional, Science, Comedy.


What was this drama?? With this one, my respect for Korean dramas went a level up. How did they make such a beautiful drama!

The drama stars a phenomenal actor Ji Sung (Cha Do Hyun) who is a handsome Chaebol suffering from personality disorder. He has 7 different personalities that appear and make the viewers laugh, cry, and squeeze on the seat. Hwang-Jun Eum (Oh Ri Jin) is a compassionate psychiatrist who agrees to heal Cha Do Hyun. Eventually many surprises are revealed while we go on an emotional romantic ride of 20 episodes with these two love birds who also happen to be the childhood friends.

GENRE: Psychological, Suspense, Melodrama, Romance, Comedy.


One of the best and my most favorites of all time.
This drama was an unexpected surprise. I didn't believe it to be that good but it surpassed my expectations.

Plot and review: The drama follows the blooming love stories of 4 gentlemen in their mid 30s. The best of the drama comes from the wonderful everlasting friendship of these 4 gentleman who are with each other since their school life. This friendship provides much of the entertainment and laughter and keeps the drama interesting from beginning till end.

The story's main couple is Jang-Dong-gun (Kim Do Jin) who is an architect and Kim Ha Neul (Seo-yi Soo) who is a school teacher. Kim Do Jin is a playboy who loves his freedom but falls in love with Seo Yi Soo and relentlessly pursues her until she gives in. But things get complicated when Kim Do Jin's past visits his present and he pushes Seo Yi Soo away for her own good. Now it is Seo Yi Soo who pursues Kim Do Jin until he bends on his kneel and confesses his eternal love for her.

A beautiful love story indeed packed with lots of laughter.
GENRE: Comedy, Romance, Friendship
Episodes: 20

P.S If you are Kim Woo-Bin fan, you must watch this. He is playing the role of a troubled cute tough-to-deal-with school kid who has a special soft corner for his school teacher Seo-Yi Soo- his one sided first true love.


Definitely a must watch if you already love Korean Dramas or if you are starting to watch Korean drama. This one is highly recommended.

Plot and Review: With hospital at the centre of most of the activities, the (20 episodes) drama trails a beautiful, mature, cute and passionate story of two doctors who were once teacher and student and have stood by each other in all good and bad times.

Park Shin Hye (the main actress) is at her best in this drama and totally stands out.

GENRE: Light comedy, Romance, friendship and relationships, hospital life.


One of the cutest and heart touching love stories I have ever watched.
Awww... the couple's fights are so cute, hilarious and sometimes so emotional that you may end up shedding a tear or two of joy and pain.

Plot and Review: Joo Joong-won (So Ji-sub) is a cold hearted super rich businessman whose accidental encounter with Tae Gong-shil (Gong Hyo-jin) becomes their destiny. Gong-Shil is haunted by ghosts and is living a terrible life. For some reason, ghosts disappear whenever she touches Joo Joong-won. This leads to a deal where Gong-Shil helps Joo Joong Won in earning profits by detecting ghosts's presence and Joo Joong Won helps Gong-Shil get rid of ghosts by staying close to her. Many comic and emotional events unfold and a bond created out of need and gain from both sides transforms into unconditional strong love.

I became a fan of Gong-hyo-jin's acting after her role in this drama and ended up liking her even more in It's okay that's love. And So Ji Sub's acting was so good that I watched Oh My Venus and totally fell for his acting skills.

GENRE: Light horror, romance, comedy
No. of episodes: 17

This one is a classic push and pull love story with lots of comedy. Absolutely loved it and watched it twice.

Plot and review: Park Do-kyung (Eric Mun) is a stoic sound director and is carrying a deep wound in his heart because his girlfriend Oh-Hae-young disappeared on the day of their marriage. There is another Oh-Hae-young who is now getting married to her fiance Han Tae-jin (Lee Jae-yoon) but due to some unfortunate events Tae-Jin calls off the wedding leaving Oh-Hae-Young 2 devastated. As the story progresses, Oh Hae Young 2 falls hard for Park Do Kyung and pursues him till he opens his heart. Just when they were getting all lovey dovey, the first Oh Hae Young returns in their lives causing commotion and bitterness and the melodrama starts.

In essence, it's a beautiful, tugs at heart kind of love story that is worth giving a shot.

GENRE: Romance, Comedy, light melodrama, family
No. of episodes: 20


This was one of my first Korean dramas that got me addicted to this drama world. And the Superstar Lee Min Ho.... I almost went crazy for him. Don't mind the informal language, it is a fan girl writing this post:)

I would have been doomed if I had not mentioned this drama in the list. Such a great combination of romance, power struggle and strong melodrama.

Plot: When two wealthy heirs from elite class: Lee Min Ho (Kim Tan) and Kim Woo Bin (Choi-young Do)  start liking Park Shin Hye (Cha Eun Sang) who is a very poor girl, things get complicated. Kim Tan does everything to protect his love and openly declares war in his high school and at home to have Cha Eun Sang by his side. He is strong, rebellious, emotional and bold. Cha Eun Sang obviously falls for him but poverty, elite people and despicable Choi young Do keep making things difficult for her.

Overall, it is a lovely melodramatic high school romance of 20 episodes.

GENRE: Melodrama, high school romance, love, class struggle

Note: All images in this post are taken from web and I don't own any copyrights on them.
Second list- coming soon

You can watch all these dramas on or google kissassian drama

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DIOR Hydra life water BB SPF 30 review

Hey guys,

I bought this Dior BB lotion at Sephora when I was in Delhi. So here is my quick review:

MRP: 5000 INR

Qty: 30 ml

Shade: I was matched to the shade 020, and it looks absolutely fine on my skin. For reference: I am MAC NC 35-40 with yellow undertones.

Texture: It's like a lotion with creamy consistency.

Finish: After applying, it gives a nice dewy finish on the skin and moisturizes which is enough for oily or combination skin but dry skin beauties may need to moisturize the skin before using it.

Coverage: Sheer to light medium

My thoughts: I like it for adding luminosity to my skin when it feels dull. It has SPF 30 which is good. It looks natural on skin and has never given me any breakouts either. This BB also has good staying power (4-6 hrs) BUT, this water BB comes out easily if I wipe off my face. It is a sheer coverage and doesn't hide pigmentation etc. It's not even water or sweat resistant.

It is a good option in winter, but in summer, you want your foundation/BB/ or whatever to survive the heat and sweat but if this BB literally mixes with the sweat and starts coming out, why in the world will I spend my money on it.

Overall, at this price, it is not worth buying.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Nykaa So Matte! Lip colors review: Orange Vice, Frisky Fuschia, Naughty Nude + LOTD

Hey guys!

I have wanted to review this long time back. But better late than never:). So,  here we are with this Nykaa Matte lip colors!

I really love Nykaa for bringing so many brands under one roof and making many drool worthy products available to us. With other brands, Nykaa has also been launching its own range of cosmetics and I ended up picking these three shades for my summer lip color collection.

I personally feel a nude, a brown, an orange, a red and a nice pink are five must have shades that can take care of most of occasions and looks from neutral to party wear. Now it is really a task to find a perfect orange or red or nude for different skin tones. But once we get ours, that's it!

Nykaa So Matte Lip colors:
What Nykaa says: This long lasting texture gives you pout worthy lips in one stroke. It effortlessly glides on your lips, giving you a gorgeous soft matte finish. Pucker up and party with our delectable matte lipstick. Long lasting, Vitamin E enriched, Intense color.

(I have found all there claims to be true except the promise of  long lasting color)

Qty: 4.2 g
Price: 399 INR
Shelf life: 3 years
Ingredients: (click on the pic to zoom)
My experience:
Nykaa lipsticks are well pigmented and even though they are matte they have enough creamy texture in them to not make them too dry or patchy on lips. They glide well even if I am not using a lip balm underneath and add a soft sheen to the lip color. These lipsticks hide my pigmentation on lips and stay put for about 4 hours. After this, they fade and leave a subtle tint on my lips which doesn't look bad. Yes, they transfer easily and have a medicine like smell which I really hate tasting! When it comes to packaging, I think they really need to work on the caps of these lipsticks as they are loose and may detach themselves from lipsticks without our permissions. This is why I usually don't keep these lipsticks in my bags but keep them in kits.

Nonetheless, I really love the Naughty Nude which is a perfect nude for my lips and Orange Vice which is a very beautiful reddish orange and has got me a lot of compliments from people. I personally don't like the Frisky Fruschia as I am aversive to pinks with strong purple tones.

Here are the swatches:

Naughty Nude is a mix of pink and brown and will suit all skin tones.
Orange Vice is an Orange with little yellow undertone but is sufficiently red. I really love this shade.I think it will look flattering on everyone! Especially fair to medium skin tones.
Frisky Fuschia is a dark bright pink. Kind of Magenta, again a shade that will suit all skin tones.

1) Lovely shades and range to choose from
2) Good pigmentation
3) is a matte but is a moisturizing matte, thus wears very comfortably on lips
4) Doesn't highlight or settle in the fine lines of lips.
5) Doesn't look patchy at any point of time.
6) Easily available

1) Doesn't last long enough.

Will I recommend it?
Yes! definitely. Naughty nude and orange vice are really worth trying!

I hope you guys liked the review. Do share with us in the comment section below about your favorite lippies. I have recently shopped some color pop lip colors. Will review them as soon as they arrive. Bbye!

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