Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Greeting card at home

Hi sweet pies!

A very good morning to all of you!!!
In this post I'll share some of the greetings cards made by me on special occasions.
There was a time when everyone rushed for Archies greetings.We love to give presents & obviously love to receive! But don't you think the joy doubles when someone gives us or we give someone a gift specially made by us?I 'll say-Yes!you give just a small gift that is handmade- with love & anybody would prefer that over market made.

Home made gifts can be a little difficult or easy to make depending upon your choice.These are cheap & at the same time means a lot to someone you want to present it & trust me, it can be life saver in many moments!

It's never difficult to make someone happy or to impress someone. A good intention & your love for that special one is all it takes:) Be it your mom, dad, partner, brother, sister, friends or anyone!

So here we go !
This one I prepared for Mother's day.You'll need a glue, a few charts/colored papers, sketch pens/sparkle pen etc to write, & ribbons to make flowers. I learned this ribbon flower art from You tube. There are many videos.You can check. Else I 'll share my technique with you in next post.Just let me know:)

These lines are what I truly feel about my mom.This one is the best idea. Don't copy the lines from somewhere. Just pen down what you feel for that person on paper. That's it:)

Hope you enjoyed the post as much as I did during its preparation!
Love you all sweeties!!
Enjoy! Be a part of Blogfamily & stay in touch!
Eagerly waiting for your reply!:)

JAFRA Full coverage Lipstick Review & Swatches

Hey Sweethearts!!

I hope you are all doing well!!
This time I'm going to review Lipsticks from Jafra!

So here is the Review!

Product Description:-The lipstick that no girl should be without! Our new lipstick is richly pigmented and has long lasting shine. With Jojoba esters for full coverage application, avocado butter imparts creamy texture. Vitamin E fights free radicals and helps minimize fine lines.Gorgeous color, creamy and buttery smooth. One is not enough!

Jojoba Esters,Hydrogenated Polycyclopentadiene, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride.Silicone polymers enhance long wear and provide high shine.DipentaerythritylTetrabebenate/Polyhydroxystearate .Isododecane, Triisostearyl Citrate, Bis-Vinyl Dimethicone/Dimethicone ,Copolymer Silicone copolymers that create a breathable “bonding matrix” and a transfer resistant coating. Hydrogenated Avocado Oil -Derived from avocado oil, rich in nutrients and Vitamins A, D and E.Tocopheryl Acetate

Vitamin E antioxidants that provide anti free radical activity. Octyldodecanol (and) Ethyl Cellulose (and) Isostearyl Alcohol (and)Hydrogenated Dilinoleyl Alcohol (Maxigloss),Allantoin Soothing ingredient.Ascorbyl Palmitate Vitamin C derivative ,Mormodica Grossvenori Extract, Hydrogenated Lecithin

Net wt. 15 o.z
Price- 541/-

Shade after 2 coats
To use:-Apply one or two coats. Use alone or add JAFRA Ultra Shine Lip Gloss or Lip Polish for added gloss.
My Take on this product:-
I bought these lipsticks for my mother.These shades are good but not the best in EVERY aspect.Here is what i feel about these lipsticks.

 What I liked in these lipsticks:-
1) It moisturizes lips really well.
2) A bliss for dry,chappy lips.
3) You don't need any lip balm while using these lipsticks.
4) wide range to select from neutral to dark.
5)Nicely pigmented.
6)It contains SPF15.

 What I dislike:
2)Available only via consultants.
3) not every shade is very well pigmented.
4) Staying power disappoints me.It stays for 3-4 hours in humidity & can come out to be 5 hours if you dab a little face powder or compact powder.

 Will I buy it again?
I'm not sure about it yet.Though I love Jafra's lipgloss & going to grab every piece of it.Lipsticks are really not that good.Still I'll keep one & not more than that.
Will I recommend it?
Lipsticks are good.There is no harm in purchasing if you are getting it in offers or discount.Some shades are really good.

Have you tried any Jafra's lipstick? Share your experience with us.
Take care sweeties.Stay in touch!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

MATRIX Biolage smoothing serum for dry,frizzy hair

Hey Friends!!

Wishing all of you a wonderful day ahead!
Here is an exciting news for all you! I'll be announcing my first giveaway soon!stay in touch Beauties!!

Coming back to the review:-
Serum is a necessity for dry/frizzy hairs to keep hair looking silky& glossy.Today my review is on Matrix serum.

 Biolage smoothing serum smoothes dry, frizzy hair and unruly hair.A fusion of taming polymers and avocado and grape seed oils gently envelops hair to control frizz and seal in smoothness without weight.Hair stays shiny,nourished,and manageable all day.

Net Vol. 100 ml
Shelf life:-30 months
Price:-245 INR

Ingredients:- Cyclopentasiloxane,dimethiconol,Avocado oil,grape seed oil,Limonene,Hexyl cinnamal, Linalool,Benzyl benzoate,Fragrance 

My take on Matrix Serum:-

I was adviced to use a serum by my hair dresser.It is a transparent slippery fluid.
I've been using this serum for about a whole holy year now!& must say serum is one thing without which my hair care is never complete.I love this serum.It literally keeps my hair soft & frizz free whole day!I'm happy with the results.It really works as an awesome detangler,& thus helps my hair to be safe from breakage.Just sprinkle a few drops of water ,wet your hairs & take a few drops of it depending upon the length of hair.Medium hair needs 4-5 drops(25 paise coin size of amount) & use it any time you want!

1)It keeps my hair silky soft.
2) It is a real good detangler.
3)Hair almost stays manageable all day.
4)It has fragrance similar to coconut & I really like it.
5) It surely does what it claims.

1) It's a little pricey.
 but then a little goes a long way.You only need 3-5 drops and one bottle lasts for about 4-5 least true in my case:)

 So will I buy it again?
Sure!It is my HG serum.A permanent one in my hair care list.

Will I recommend it?
off course!go for it girls.You'll be happy after using it.

share your experience with us.I'd love to hear from you.
take care gorgeous sweeties!

MATRIX biolage deep smoothing shampoo

My dear Buddies!

Hope you are all doing really well!
Today our post is dedicated to MATRIX!& I'll be reviewing Biolage Deep smoothing shampoo & serum from Matrix.


Product Description:-Biolage Smooththerapie smoothes unruly,frizzy,medium to coarse hair with silky serum of camellia.Serum infused technology deeply moisturizes and helps control frizz through all seasons-even in 97% humidity.
Biolage deep smoothing shampoo cleanses as it smoothes and helps control frizz with lightweight nourishment for polished shine,smoothness and manageability.


Ingredients:-Water,Sodium laureth sulfate,coco bataine,Glycerin,Sodium chloride,Amodimethicone,cocamide MIPA,Camellia kissi seed oil,limonene,salicylic acid,phopylene glycol,sodium hydroxide,citric acid,sodium benzoate,methyl cocoate.

Net wt.-200 ml
Price- 190 INR
Shelf life-36 months.

My take on this shampoo-

I purchased this shampoo last year in summers,As it says it helps in frizz control.& we all know that in Monsoon & humidity around, frizzy hairs is one thing nobody wants!My hairs tends to be frizzy & unmanageable too.I purchased it with serum.After a few washes,I was disappointed with the shampoo as i suffered with unbearable hairfall.I discontinued it altogether due to my newly developed hairfall phobia:)

But story doesn't end here.My mom wanted to give it a try & my friend neha has also used the same.Both liked the shampoo.The hair texture remained good.but they didn't have any wow feeling.
I'm using Biotique's Bio kelp.& I'm really happy with that more because it is on natural side.see the review here

 1) Parabens free
2) Decently priced.
3)It works better when used with conditioner & serum.

*I would advice to purchase it only on a professional's advice.or after consulting with Matrix saloon's professionals.As it may or may not work for you.

Contains sodium laureth sulfate.

Will I buy it again ?

Will I recommend it?
It's not important that You'll have the same experience as was mine.May it can work for you.But do take a Professional's advice before using it.

Have you ever used This shampoo?Share your reviews with us:)

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fashion-Lakme Fashion Week part 2

Note:-We do not hold copyrights of the images represented in this post.Due care has been taken to provide the source links(mentioned on images).Still,If you've any objection with the pictures,contact us & we'll resolve the issue.

The Printed skirts,maxis & many more dresses with layering are coming as a new hot trend.Earthy colors has always been in fashion & prove itself a good choice .
 Tribal look is on everyone's head these days!Tribal looks has surely captured the hearts of many.  The hottest trend of 2012!Here we are seeing a neck piece reminding us of the tribal life.With just a little effort, these amazing tribal looks is something you can bet upon.Be it a cool style or a party look or a runaway model look.Take your time & decide the best tribal look for you.

 Printed.See how those bold prints do wonders in highlighting the Beautiful You!
Colorful embroidery designs are surely going to hold its place in variety of dresses.Suits,Kurti,Skirts, name it.See how this beautiful colorful work is providing a sweet gorgeous look.I really liked the scarf  she is wearing in 2nd image.What about you:)

 1)draping below waist like design provides a long torso appearance.2)Stiff blade shoulders gives an elegant touch to your outlook ,excellent choice while deciding for a formal dress.3) Deep V looks sexy & great.It has been in trend for quite a  long time now.It is evergreen & has the capability to transform a simple look to a sophisticated one.

 These images show live example of how a monotone dress can become a notice-me dress.the yellow belt on pink & bright colorful jacket on plane blue is just enhancing the overall the beauty.It is important to accessorize (if you want) in a way that it complements & supplements the overall beauty of yours.
Purple passion

 Boho -Tribal looks has come out as the hottest trend of this year!LFW too did not remain untouched by its charm.From tops to skirts.From single piece to beach looks.From neck piece to shoes!Boho looks are awesome & easy to achieve!There is also a variety of colors to select from.From earthy colors to bold & bright colors like yellow,pink,orange & red.This is your time now.Get your Boho-Tribal look today!

What would be your Boho look of this year? leave a comment or write to us.We love to hear from you.
Take care sweeties!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Say bye to FRIZZ!

Hey Buddies!

I hope you are all doing well!!All the Lovely Beautiful Readers just stay in touch!

Here I'm discussing a few easy things to do which will help you out in controlling frizz so that your hairs become manageable & more beautiful!

1) Use a silk pillowcase.This is very important.Because cotton fabric pillow tends to devoid your hair's natural moisture resulting in drier hair because of more friction.So use a silk pillow.It helps in keeping your hairs smooth.

2) Invest in a good conditioner.Conditioner smooths the hairs and frizzy, dry hairs desperately need it.But while applying a creamy conditioner keep it in mind to apply the conditioner only from mid shafts to end.Not from roots to end specially if you have fine hairs.

3) Use a good quality, light anti frizz Serum.This is very very important.If you have dry hair or damaged or fine hair or frizzy hair.Serum is a must for you!!I'm personally using Matrix's serum for a year now & I'm happy with my silky soft hairs.Serum contains silicone which makes hairs silky & easy to manage.

4) Avoid using volume boosting shampoo or conditioner if you've frizzy hairs.That makes it more difficult to manage.

5) Mix an egg with yogurt (2 tab sp. or as per your hair's requirement) & apply it on your hairs before shampoo for an hour.Use it once in every 15 days.This mixture conditions your hairs deeply & gives your hair a beautiful glow & also helps in improving the texture of your hairs.

6) Use a natural nylon wide tooth can also use a natural nylon brush with or without boar bristles.

Another tip -Use  sulfate &/or sodium chloride &/or alcohol FREE hair products.The point is to stay away from something that devoid your hairs of the natural oils.Also maintain a healthy life style.Drink lots of water Use a hat while going in sun or a UV protection hair spray.

Have beautiful, Gorgeous & dazzling hairs Girls!!:)

Image source:- 1 2 

Friday, 24 August 2012

Get Beautiful,Glowing & Fair complexion at Home/ recipes


1) Take the juice of 1 tomato add the juice of 1/3 rd lemon in it.Apply it on your cleansed face for 20 min.Wash off with cold water.Do it daily or on alternative days.Your skin will be fairer in a month.

2) Mix the appropriate amount of sandalwood powder in raw milk.Make a thick paste.Apply all over your face & neck.Leave it for 20 min.Wash with lukewarm water.Sandalwood is well known for its fairness effect.Results need patience.It is a really good pack for tanned & sun burned skin too.

3)  Mix a tsp of honey with 4 drops of lemon juice.Apply for 20 min.Wash it off with cold water.It is a very effective pack for glowing skin.Honey has anti microbial properties & a very good moisturizer.Combining it with the bleaching properties of lemon gives you what you want.fair,glowing & soft skin.This pack is really good for winter season.

4)Take 1 tsp of gram flour,add a pinch of turmeric,3-4 drops of lemon juice & appropriate amount of raw milk in it to make not too thick Not too thin paste..mix well.Apply all over your face & neck.This one is one of my favorite home made face packs & is very effective.

5) Mix 2 tsp of gram flour with 1 tsp of curd(Yogurt) or as much required to make a  thick paste.Apply on face for 20 min.Wash by massaging in circular motion with lukewarm water.This pack helps in preventing & lightening dark spots.Yogurt contains pep-tides & has good whitening ,anti ageing & moisturizing properties.This pack is really good for dry skin.

6) Rub Papaya on your face.Its a good cleanser & removes dullness.
(for all skin types)

Note:-While applying any pack,Make sure you stay still.Otherwise you will get wrinkles:)I know its difficult for us girls:)But still!wink: wink:

Have fun Sweeties!Enjoy this Awesome & bright day!!

Image source: 1  2 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

VLCC Insta glow Face pack

Greetings Everybody!
Today my review is about VLCC’s Insta glow pack.

So here is my review!

 What the product claims-
This soft creamy pack brightens the skin complexion giving luminosity, radiance, and softness.Plant Extracts help fade melanin, fight free radicals and give glow and shine to your face.
Saffron Ext,sandalwood Ext.,Liquorice Ext,Almond oil,Grape seed extract,Hazel nut oil,Wheat Germ oil,Zinc oxide,Kaolin,Cream base.

Qty:-50 gm
Price 215/-
Shelf life:-36 months

Method of use:-
Apply a generous layer on cleansed skin.Remove when dry with sponge & water.
For best results:-Use thrice a week ,after massaging with VLCC Saffron massage Gel.

My Experience with INSTA Glow face pack:-
I love to use face packs. So I keep on hunting the new packs available in the market. I bought it last summers, as the salesman told me that it was effective in removing tan too. So much for their selling art! Well, I applied it once or twice a week. And even after finishing the half of the container, I didn’t see much result. Now these days I’m using it after Insta glow Saffron massage gel. I just bought the gel for fairness when it came into my mind that I already have the pack so why not finish it now.

And It has really worked!!My complexion! I just love it. I have got my fair tone back! Yuppie!!Victory:
Now I can’t say if that was the cumulative effect of both (insta glow Saffron massage gel +Insta glow pack) or only the massage gel. I’ll see to it by using the gel alone. & I’ll surely let you know. For the time being I already have the pack so I’m using it

1)It’s an Ayurvedic product
2)Easily available.
3)Decently priced.
4)Very small quantity is needed to use so will last longer.

1) It is difficult to wash it off without sponge or cotton.

Will I buy it again?
It’s not too good for me to repurchase it. I’ll look for something better.

Will I Recommend it?
There is no harm in using this product. You can surely give it a try if you are still searching for a nice packJ

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BIOTIQUE-BIO THYME Hair CONDITIONER for fine thinning hairs

Hey Friends!

Welcome back on BMY!
Today our review is about hair conditioner.A good  Hair Conditioner has become a part of our Daily hair care regimen.Hair conditioning adds shine to the hairs apart from keeping it hydrated & healthy
 There was a time when people didn’t even know about the conditioners & all.There never occurred the need.But with the Environmental ,Mental Stress, degrading Water quality has made it important to give special attention to hairs. As hairs are one of the most important thing in anyone’s grace.

Today I’m going to review a conditioner from BIOTIQUE Botanicals.

A little about Biotique-BIOTIQUE is based on 5000 year old Ayurvedic recipes known to integrate and celebrate body,mind,and spirit.This is the heritage and harmonyof all Biotique products,blending proven Ayurvedic therapies with the science of 21st centuray Bio-technology.
An extraordinary combination of ancient/modern therapies and sciences that balances the wonders of nature to support healthy well being and spiritual bliss in your life.

Ingredient:-Ajwain,Daruhaldi,suraj mukhi tail,Jaitun tail,Dharu tail,Pudina tail,Soyabean protein,Himalayan water.
Nt.wt. 210 ml
Shelf life- 3years
What the product claims:-Ayurvedic recipe with 100 % Botanical extracts,thicken folliciles,adds shine & body to hairs.

USE:-Apply liberally to wet, cleansed hair and massage in gently, from scalp to ends. Rinse well with water.

I have used many conditioners. & I don’t have a good experience with Boutique’s products. But I picked it up. Thanks to my experimental tendencies which always takes the best out of me. & now I’m glad I gave it a try. I used it with Bio kelp shampoo. My hair fall literally made me cry. This was the main reason I gave Biotique a chance. I’m not sure if it was the combined effect of all (parachute oil + Bio Kelp shampoo + Bio Thyme).But my hair fall reduced drastically. I was so much relieved! My hairs were surely softer. Also it does add shine to hair.
It definitely adds body to my hairs.. It is a brown liquid. So I’m glad that I don’t have to change it just because of a fear of built up residue .It’s liquid so easily get rinsed off!
All in all, this product delivers what it claims.

1)It’s Ayurvedic &organically pure
2) Preservative free.
3) No animal testing
4) It really makes my hairs very smooth to touch, adds shine & volume
5) It’s in liquid form, so doesn’t leave in residue.
6) Economical
7) It Conditions hairs really well.
8) Easily available.

1) I didn’t like its packaging. The bottle has a nozzle & no stopper at all to manage the quantity required for use.
2) It’s an ayurvedic  product so can take time to yield good results.
3) It smells more or less like Dettol ! Personally I don’t have any problem with this aspect as long as it delivers me the resultsJbesides smell doesn’t stay. It fades away soon.
4) It really doesn't help in dry hair's conditioning.

Will I repurchase?
For sure! It is safe to use as it doesn’t have any chemicals.

Update:- 4-11-2012- This is just so average conditioner.It stopped providing me the results after a month or 2! Not my permanent conditioner.I'm still searching for it.:pout:

Friday, 17 August 2012

Fashion Vista!

Hey Beauties!

This time we are a little absorbed with this beautiful trend setup.Style is not something that can be blindly followed.Style is about wearing anything you like with confidence!So,All the Beauties there! Share with us your own style statement & enjoy a few glimpse of the Awesome Lakme Fashion Week!
Skirts has been popular in ladies & college goers for 2 reasons- 1) comfort & 2) Style!This collection, echoes the high demand for comfort without compromising with style even a bit! It makes sure that Skirts are here for a long life. Presentable in every aspect from sophisticated Diva style to funky, coolest type of girly styles.


Elegant & Gorgeous!The lovely long Jacket is all it needs!  
This summer is the perfect time to try something bright & beautiful apart from the standard Black,Red & white.
               Rajasthani  Royal style has always beautified the market with the subtle Pretty colors & its traditional designs. Let’s have a look on how they grabbed the Ladies’ attention this time!

Beautiful Broad borders enhance the grace of not only your dress but your overall personality. Try it today itself!
The beautiful broad borders with golden sheen & Shimmer! This one is a must for all the traditional party loving girls!

Time to   Accentuate the beauty with bright colorful bangles 
 The flowing paneled gown with or without the embroidery are going to lit up the faces of many who wanted something traditional with urban touch! This one is surely going to add 5 stars in your grace.

So Ladies! Tell us which one you would like to have in your closet!

Note:-These images are taken from Lakme fb page & from other resources (the watermark has been shown for the same)but utmost care has been taken to provide links to any such sources. If you have any concerns regarding the same, please contact me at: BlogfamilyBMY{at}yahoo{dot} com. We shall do our best to resolve your concern.

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