Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Surprise Gift

A big lovely happy hello to all my buddies!

Here I'm sharing another creative beautiful art work.
I'll upload more pictures of this present soon:)

Till then enjoy this one!

What do you need to create one gift like this?

1) A basket. Like a big bowl made up of wood sticks (easily available in market for around 30-120 rupees depending on quality).
2) Chart paper for greeting card.
3) Red velvet paper to cover the basket & to make cute little hearts.
4) Ribbons. Red ribbon to make beautiful Roses & heart ( 3 Meter). White ribbons to make white flowers (2 Meter).
5) Chart paper with patterns. Like wallpaper (It costs 20 rupees), I used dark maroon- the one visible on left side to write a letter like one used in older times- Royal letters- "Farmaan patr")
6) Aluminium wire as a stick for rose flower.
7) Green tape to cover the stick.
8) Glue.
9) Scissor.
10) Pearls (obviously fake ones:) to embellish the name)
11) Last but not the least any old greeting card cutting or anything to decorate your greeting card.

Here in this post I'm sharing with all of you the video -How to make ribbon roses . I should warn you, it requires patience to make those lovely roses.

Have fun Sweethearts!!!
I hope you enjoyed this lovely piece of work as much as I enjoyed making it.

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Friday, 26 October 2012

How to get shiny legs & body like celebrity

Hey girls!

Today we are going to talk about all the things to make your body glow!
Starting with variety of nice body oils, Body lotion & creams & then ending with 2 home made recipes to make your skin smooth & soft to touch & lighter.

We all care about our looks. We should. But how many of us do take care of our whole body looks? We do almost everything for our pretty face to look even prettier.Exfoliating, Toning, Moisturizing. But don't our whole body needs the same? IT DOES.
And caring about it means getting really healthy radiant looking, smooth-to-touch skin.

So here are some of Tips:-
1) While taking bath pour a cup of raw milk in your bucket full of water. Milk makes your skin tight, glowing, & lighter. It also adds a little moisture.

2) After taking bath don't forget to scrub your heels to slough off the dead cells every once in a while & apply a nice quality body lotion/cream/oil on regular basis.
( I switch between oils & lotions regularly as I feel like.)

There is a pretty good variety of body oils & lotion. Palmer's , Body shop's, Forest essentials's,Victoria secret's etc. These are really good.

 You can also use olive oil, mustard oil, almond oil, aromatherapy oil, coconut oil.
If your skin is normal to dry- use oil atleast once or twice in a week & rest of days you can settle for lotion or baby oil

Here are a few pics of combination of products I use:-

 Apart from that I use BIOTIQUE WELLNESS's Banana baby lotion. Specifically because it provides me with silky soft skin & stays also stays for 7 hours & almond oil or Johnsons baby oil sometimes.

3) Tip to get shiny legs instantly- Add a little shimmer (bronze or golden if fair skin or tanned. Silver if dark) In spray bottle filled with baby oil. Shake well. Use it in on your legs or anywhere on your body to get that shine.

4) Use a shimmer base lotion like one in Victoria secret 's range. Or make one of your own.Take a shimmer base product like highlighters or eye shadows (golden/bronze) & add it to a lotion. Mix well & apply it.

5) Add 4 drops of body oil to your lotion & apply. Don't apply too much or skin will look greasy.

6) Mix half glycerin & half water in a spray bottle. Shake well. Spray on body & rub it well.(don't use on sensitive areas)
 7) Or you can simply use an oil like olive or baby oil to get the subtle shine.
8) Mix a few drops (5-6) in your bucket of water. Use this water to take bath. You'll see the lovely shine on your skin.
(For Very DRY skin:-use creams instead of lotions as lotions are water based & You need intense moisture for your skin. Apart from that Olive oil is really for everyone. Try a few until you find your best intense moisture lotion or cream)

This is about regular care.coming to the weekly or semi month care.
-> Scrub your body with a nice home made body scrub or that of any brand. Apply proper body mask.& see the difference!

Home made Body scrubs:-
1) Take 1 tabsp of grinded sugar (As per your body requirement). Mix it well with any lotion to make a paste (Be it the one you dont't use or anything). Massage with it on your body in gentle circular motion for at least 5-7 min.(Before or after soap/body wash. I prefer after wash) then apply pack-optional (Any face pack or fruit pack or anything).
2) Use a mix of baking soda & oil/lotion. Make a paste & massage it on body with gentle circular motion. Carefully so as not to damage good cells instead of sloughing off dead cells. Massage only 4-5 times on the same area.

You can also mix half tea spoon of coffee powder in any of above recipe. As coffee helps to rejuvenate the skin.

Beauty tip:-
1) Apply oil+shimmer or just a touch of bronzer on front area.from thighs to ankels. Applying only on front area will give an illusion of longer legs.
2) Don't forget the simple but 2 important steps- Drink lots of water.Include lots of veggies & fruits in your daily routine. Sleep Well & Exercise.

So follow this routine religiously & get a beautiful body !
Stay Gorgeous!
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Vaseline Body lotion-cocoa glow

Hey dear friends!

Hope you are all doing really really well!

Today I'm going to review a body lotion from VASELINE & later : pretty things you need to know about Body lotions,creams & oils-A post on how to make your body look glowing,shiny & soft to touch like of celebrities!

So Here we go-
I personally believe it is not always important to spend a lot of money to get something better.It can be achieved in a simple way too.All you need to do is-to choose a right product that works for you & then use it RELIGIOUSLY!

This Specific body lotion is for winter season.You can use it in summer too if you tend to have very dry skin.
I use this one for winter & Vaseline Healthy white body lotion for Summer season as it helps in removing tan & makes my skin color light to an extent.

coming back to the TOTAL MOISTURE COCOA GLOW:-

Product description:-
This lotion leaves your skin feeling healthy & glowing.It contains pure cocoa butter infusing moisture at top,core & deep down layers of skin.

Net wt. 100ml
Price:-65 INR
Shelf life:- 24 months.

INGREDIENTS: Water,Soft paraffin,Glycerine,Stearic acid,Isopropyl palmitate,Glycol stearate and stearamide Amp,Dimethicone,Dihydroxypropyl triammonium chloride,hydroxyethyl urea,Shea butter,cocoa butter,triethanolamine,glyceryl stearate,cetyl alcohol,carbopol,magnesium aluminium silicate,Methyl Paraben,Omdm hydantoin,Disodium EDTA,Titanium dioxide,CI 77944,perfume.

I'm usually not a type who will stick to only one body lotion or something.I use variety when it comes to body skin nourishment & glow. From body oils to body lotion & body creams-I use everything to keep my skin radiant.

But I'm hooked with this one only because of its sensual vanilla choco fragrance.It is yummy!Like AXE products for guys:)we have this one.Anyways,This lotion is a little thick & keeps the skin moisturized for say 7 hours.It adds a subtle glow to skin, instantly & is not sticky.It gets absorbed quickly.I like it for all the good reasons.

1) Its biggest plus for me is its fragrance!
2)It is not sticky at all.
3)It gets absorbed in skin quickly.
4) Very affordable.
5) It really adds shine to the skin.& that too non greasy!

1) It doesn't survive its claim of 24 hr moisture.
2) contains Parabens,
3) It is good for normal to dry skin.But Very very dry skin has to either apply it twice a day or has to look for intense moisture plus lotion/cream.

What I feel about this product?
Well 2 factors-because of its yummy fragrance & for its decent moisture work I'll always buy it again & again.:)

Will I recommend it?
Sure! You'll love it.or atleast you will not regret buying it.:)

So,Give it a shot girls!
What is your favorite body lotion/oil/cream?
Share with us & stay in touch!
How to get healthy glowing & silky soft Body skin-Body scrubs,oils/lotion use

Biotique Wellness HAIR PACK Liquorice micro Action

Hey Beauties!!!

Hope you are all enjoying your time!

I know it has been a long time since I updated.But I'm back now!With lots of exciting stuff you will all love! Just stay in touch & be a part of our blog family.& do let me know your reviews & suggestions .I'll be more then happy to help!

So here we go with our Review of the day!!

This time I'm going to review a product for hair nourishment & shine from BIOTIQUE WELLNESS.I'm sure most of you have not heard of this brand.Don't misunderstand this brand with  BIOTIQUE BOTANICALS.

Biotique Wellness is actually not marketed  much in shopping malls or local cosmetic store.But some of the products from Biotique wellness are really good.The Plus point-These products are Ayurvedic & belongs to BIO VEDA ACTION RESEARCH COMPANY.

Today my review is about BIOTIQUE WELLNESS's HAIR PACK.So here we go!


Product Description:-

Rejuvenating blend of herbs help hair growth.A hair pack with Liquorice micro action.
Liquorice & nutmeg immerse your hair & scalp in natural minerals & organic riches to promote hair regrowth.
This unique blend generates active elements that function in synergy with your scalp to rejuvenate & infuse health and vitality into your hair.

Net wt:-230 gram
Price -240 INR
Shelf life-2 years

To use:-
For Pre-shampoo : Apply with Yogurt and Eggs for half an hour (I use only Yogurt & still it works great!) before washing.
For Post-shampoo : Apply with hair Tonic and conditioner for half an hour before washing.
Use this revitalizing hair pack frequently to cure scalp problems.

My take on this product:

This is one product I absolutely I can't live without!
I apply it when before shampoo for an hour.Mix 1 tea spoon of it with 1 tab spoon of yogurt.&then I let it work for an hour.After that shampoo & condition as usual.I must say I always get series of complement for my beautiful glossy  & healthy hair after using it.This is one reason almost all of my friends & neighbors has purchased it & loved it.This one is really worth every single penny I spent on it!

This hair pack is very thick & I call it my chawanprash for hair.It is the best hair pack I ever used so far.I use it normally once in a month.(you can use it once in a week or every 15 days.But not more than that).Specially when you need to attend a function or party.Just use it & dazzle every one around!It is absolutely a great pack.

Coming to the pros & cons:-

1) It comes at a very affordable price so a great value for money.(One pack lasts 13-14 times)
2) It is ayurvedic.
3) It literally adds visible shine to hairs.& hairs looks really healthy.
4) Helps in scalp problems.(I'm not sure to what extent.But it does help.)

1) Available only through consultants.

Overall verdict:-
I'll give it 4.5/5 (.5 deducted because of its availability issue)

Will I buy it again?
Hell YES!!This is my HG hair pack.& the best buddy of my hair.How can I afford to stay away from it!

Will I recommend it?
Definitely.Give it a try & see it for yourself girls!It's amazing!

What is your favorite hair pack?Share with us & be around!

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