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5 daily Body Lotions/ Moisturizers review

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Okay, so without wasting even a single minute, let's get started with our OPERATION Body lotions!!

Today, I have picked a few of the most common body moisturizers/ lotions which are readily available in the market.Enjoy the review & don't forget to leave your valuable feedback and comments and whatever you like!:)

1. AMWAY G&H body lotion:
    MRP 405 INR, NET QTY. 250 ML

Suspected Harmful chemicals- Although all the ingredients used in this lotion are said to be safe. But some of them are banned in Europe for their carcinogenic (e.g potential to cause breast cancer) and other toxic properties. Those harmful ingredients which are found even in this lotion are:- TEA ( triethanolamine), DEA, diazolidinyl urea , Parabens
Consistency- A little runny like shampoo. Skin stays matte.( Neither feels rough nor smooth- at least to me).


1)6-7 hours on normal to dry skin. (No anti aging properties though) 
2) Works on normal to dry skin. For Very dry skin I think better alternatives are available.

Will I recommend?

Although I love Amway's nutrilite and artistry range. I did not find this lotion very appealing. So NO.
I daresay it is just an average lotion.

2.VASELINE cocoa glow body lotion :-
   MRP 190INR, NET QTY. 300 ML

Suspected harmful ingredients:(Less harmful but harmful if used for long time)- White soft paraffin , Dimethicone, MAGNESIUM ALUMINIUM SILICATE, DMDM Hydantoin, EDTA

It also contains glycerine which Provides a layer of oil on the surface of the skin to prevent water evaporating from the skin surface.
( Now if my skin doesn’t breathe or evaporate water how would it throw out toxins from my body system?Just Curious. Do you have answer?)

Suspected Harmful Ingredients - TEA, parabens, UREA
Consistency is thick like a combination of cream and lotion so could be sticky in summer.


1) Skin stays moisturized for 7-8 hours. (soft not smooth to touch. No anti aging properties:( )
2) It works on all type of skins but is especially for dry and very dry skin. So, in summer it could be little sticky while using it.
3) On application, it imparts a soft glow to skin.

 Will I recommend? :-
I am kind of okay with this lotion. However, not truly satisfied. Almost an average lotion again.But it is good in winter.

     MRP: 140 NET QTY. 200 ML

1) Suspected Harmful ingredients -Contains parabens,
2) Harmful depending upon concentration in the product:- acrylates copolymer (LINKED to cancer –breast cancer), EDTA, fragrances, phenoxythanol (reproductive toxin).

Consistency is thick .But less sticky than Vaseline’s cocoa body lotion.Which makes it a better option for summer season than Vaseline’s. 

1) Stays put for 12-16 hours.
2) Skin stays soft.(No anti aging properties:( )
3) It imparts a soft glow to the skin.
 Will I recommend?
Yes. It is a good lotion. However, My hunt for a true moisturizer is still on.

MRP: 87 NET QTY. 100 ML

Suspected Harmful ingredients:-  CONTAINS EDTA, PARABENS , ACRYLATES, Mineral oil ( premature aging) ,FRAGRANCE(When they don’t mention particularly which fragrance like lavender, put the product down because it could also mean that product has an allergy causing ingredient to give it a nice smell.)
Consistecy: Runny, Medium light texture.


1) Only for soft and moisturized skin which needs less moisture.
2) Company says it is  mild.

On dry and very skin , I would say this lotion doesn't work much.& anyway it is a baby lotion. My friend uses it on face every night. No anti- aging properties.

Will I recommend it?
Well, It is a no for me. I was surprised to see the ingredient list and wondered if it is okay for even baby's skin. 
(I only bought it considering it is for babies so it will have lesser chemicals. I was disappointed.)

NOTE: I have mentioned suspected chemicals because all these chemicals if harmful or not is still debatable. These chemicals are approved by U.S FDA and claimed to be safe, and parabens are even used as preservative in some medicines as well, like absolute 3G( multivitamin tablets) . However, some other researches disagree with these chemicals being safe. As I mentioned, Some of these chemicals are banned in Europe for their suspected harmful effects. 

5. AVON skin so soft whitening hand & body lotion  -
    MRP 319 INR NET QTY. 250 ML

Suspected Harmful ingredients:-  PEG, UREA, Fragrance, EDTA 
Consistency: Formula is not quick absorbing. I think it is a common thing in all whitening lotions. 


1) Moisturizing effect stays well around10 hours ( I did not expect it to work at all. I was surprised!) 
2)No parabens. 
3) Fairness- It does work unless we are not talking about drastic results.. Helps to remove tan.
It works well on normal to dry skin.

Will I recommend it?

Overall Verdict Lotions 5!
In the words of my Ukrainian friend who have come to India for her internship Program " These are just kind of okay lotions. I use it because I have no better option." 
And the authenticity of her review was proven by her genuinely amazingly soft, supple and glowing skin! 
An ideal moisturizer is meant for not only  moisturizing the  skin, but to tighten the skin and to keep aging away. My hunt for such a moisturizer is still ON.Besides, After seeing and reading about all the ingredients of these moisturizers, Now I am going to switch over to completely organic/ natural lotion next time.

Note of Caution:-

(These are strictly body lotions. Applying it on face may result into acne, black heads and white heads when used excessively. Almost all body lotions contain one or the other ingredient that clog your pores so that to avoid evaporation of water from your skin. Also, KEEP BODY LOTIONS OUT OF CONTACT WITH EYES OR ANY SENSITIVE AREA AND don’t use one body lotion for long time. As they usually contain chemicals, long time use can lead to bad health effects.)


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