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My experience of Vipassana

It was getting complicated. I wanted to spend some time with me. On a secluded place where I could hear my voice.  I was taking the most crucial decisions of my life and I didn’t want to be reckless with it. Also, it required a lot of courage.

I was also noticing some behavioral changes in me, which I didn’t like at all. The signs of Irritation, quick temper, hopelessness   & negativity were the clues enough to make me jump into action.

 I chose Vippassana which have been long recommended to me by my Well wisher.
Owing to my specific needs of a well maintained, Hygienic place and that too in a hilly area, I zeroed in upon ‘Igatpuri ‘&’ Nagarjuna Sagar’ centre.

Finally, giving to the proximity to my place & counting on my safety, I finally selected Nagarjuna Sagar. It was an online application form that I was supposed to fill in order to get in the queue. 1 week later they confirmed my seat. I was damn excited!!

I didn’t have much difficulty in finding my way to the Vipasssana centre. Thanks to the Google map. I went to the hill colony from where after some bargaining, I got a ride to Vipassana at 40 Rupees. Good God!! He asked 80 rupees for such a short distance of around 2 kilometers and he mentioned that it was because I was a tourist!

Anyway, After reaching Vipassana , I first of all patted my back for the choice of centre. The atmosphere was so serene and welcoming. What else does one need for a perfect vacation?  
The Sad thing was, I was supposed to submit all my reading material and music devices. It is one of the rules there.

Next Day, the meditation started. It was Show time now. Wow! I woke up at 4o’clock and that too without any trouble. Being a late riser wink :), I didn’t expect that from myself. It came as a pleasant surprise.

Going further, we were then introduced to a few techniques to control our mind. The first meditation lasted for 2 hours. Ouch. My legs hurt. I fidgeted a lot. My bum hurt.
Then after an hour break, again it was meditation time. It continued the whole day. Breaks. Meditation. Breaks. It was almost 12 hour meditation a day in total. Oh yes! How can I forget, you are not supposed to speak for those whole 10 days you are in meditation at all.  {Except the time when you are talking/ discussing something with Guru Ji or Dhamasevak. That Is it. Though}

Somehow we survived the first day and the second and the third. Although in the first 2 -3 days, they just asked us to focus on our breath, and observe. It was such a cumbersome task. I realized what a chatterbox actually my mind was. I observed how I invite negativity. I also became able to observe how something goes in my mind & then how my body starts reacting to it. So, If only I could stop reacting, and keep the things from affecting me before it hit me. Yes. This is what I learned in those Vipassana days. I also learned the reason of my disappointments- which was that I was over ambitious ( At times). That can be worked out. I would set the goal and follow a piecemeal approach.

4th day. I wanted to RUN!! !  It was suffocating. Being unable to talk. Being in isolation. It was terrible!

The life comes to standstill at Vipassana. It was so mundane. Monotonous.  I imagined how the Earth might be in the beginning. And I realized that Human is indeed a social animal. {Pardon for animal analogy. This is how psychology describes human :} I thoroughly enjoyed the food. You could eat as much as you want and my God it was like a grand feast at lunch-, chapatti, wet curry, dry curry, daal, papad, salad , Buttermilk, sweets . But during meditation times, 12 hrs, every day. Doing the same thing. Trying to focus on something so hard. That is it. Nothing beyond it… huh.

I REALIZED THE VALUE OF PEOPLE AND RELATIONSHIPS. And I realized how satisfied I already was in and from my life. I started feeling gratitude for everything I have been offered in this life. Parents, good job, ,  All healthy organs , everything.

May be, this is what Vipassana teaches us. How to appreciate what you have in life. How to live in present.  How to hit negativity. The most important lesson that I have brought home from Vipassana is “Only LOVE and PEACE are the sources of living a good life” These 2 together are the solution of every problem.

P.S, I had a wonderful roomie, Swarna Latha. The Good thing is she also lives in Hyderabad. I must call her today.
Bye for now,
Take care and Be HAPPY
With lots of Love,

Here I am posting a few of their teachings which have touched my heart,  I have also started applying it-
“The greater is the attachment, the greater is the misery”
Observation:- Life changes as you change. It is all about “Perspective.”

“Sadachaar hi dharma hai, durachaar hi paap. Paropkaar hi punya hai, apkar hi santap”
Translation for fellows- “doing good deeds with good intention is the right karma. Doing bad things is a sin.  Doing good for others is the greatest goodness.  Doing or thinking bad about the others is the greatest sin.”

“Don’t react. Because Life is a boomerang.”
Observation: "Hatred will only end at hatred. It can only be rooted out with Peace and Love”

“You are responsible for your own misery. Because you got attached to it accepted it”

They also told the definition of a good thing a sin.
If you hurt somebody physically, verbally or in your mind. That is the Sin. The opposite of it: - If you don’t at least hurt or you don’t do any good at all OR if you do good, think good, speak good of others is the virtue.

Remember, whatever you do, will come back to you. For, such is the law of nature. So why to attract unpleasant things? Do good and goodness will come to you.  Slowly, gradually, the happiness will be multiplied.

Hope you like this article
Keep posting your comments and STAY In TOUCH. Always.
Here are some pics I clicked while I was on the way back to my place.
Yeah, It is a hilly area & scarcely populated.The highest density is in Main colony at around one & half Km from Vipassana centre. 

My ticket checker is sleeping! I felt safe with these guys .Very cooperative.

The place in hill colony, Nagarjuna,where I had my lunch & enquired about centre. The girl Swathi helped me to find my way. She even bargained with Auto wala & told him in warning tone to drop me safely at the centre.

2 different parts existing in harmony with each other.

Nature speaks.

Biotique Dandelion Ageless Lightening Serum

Hi to all ‘Alice in the wonderland’!

Today we will talk about SERUMs- which have become a  popular & favorite product of all those who want to look beautiful today & ever.
For those who don’t know, Serums are nothing but moisturizers . Just that serums are more concentrated & more powerfulJ Serums penetrate deeper in the skins & hence work like a magic .

(Some analysts argue that serums can do more harm to the skin for the very same reason that they can go deep inside the skin where moisturizers are unable to reach & may take bacteria, chemicals etc. along with it. However, this point can be taken care of if you choose your serum carefully & wash your hands well before applying serum)

There are all sorts of serums , Brightening serum, anti ageing serum, whitening serum , anti pigmentation serum  & what not.

My secret desire revolved around a serum that would brighten, tighten, soften my skin & this desire brought me to Biotique’s Dandelion Serum . Here is my experience with this product.

About The product & its claim:-
This lightening serum is a rare combination of pure dandelion, rich in Vitamin E and minerals, blended with nutmeg oil. Used regularly, it helps brighten skin, fade dark spots and ease away wrinkles for a flawless complexion.

How to use:- Massage a few drops inti cleansed face & neck , before moisturizer, morning & evening.

Bihidana, Halon, Jaiphal, Badam, Surajmukhi, Khamir, Doodhal, Ground nut oil, Himalyan water Q.S
Qty. 210 ML
Shelf life:-4 years

Consistency- a combination of Jelly & cream.

I craved for a good serum. & these days I have developed an aversion towards synthetic/ artificial fragrances. So I was very particular about my serum. While I was buying it  @ health & glow store, the lady  suggested to apply it for at least 21 days to see the difference in skin. I was okay. I was super happy when she gave me a Biotique facial & a small bottle of fairness wash  with my purchase as complementary gifts. When the first time I applied this serum, I noticed how quickly my skin absorbed it. I was amused. The next day my skin was dancing & so was I. My face looked so fresh with the dewy glow. The next day my skin required half the amount it needed on the first day. I could see that it was working. After some days, My skin appeared softer, the skin’s pore size was also reduced to some extent around my nose ( I have a T zone ). I was so happy with it!

But it does make a little too shiny sometimes and gives acnes to acne prone skin if one is not being careful with the quantity.
It doesn’t whiten the skin if you are expecting. However, it brightens the skin (to some extent) .

1. It is Ayurvedic. So very safe.
2. Preservative free
3. Organically pure
4. Mild fragrance which seems to be of the ingredients & not an artificial fragrance.
5. It definitely stands up to its claims!!!!!!!!
6. It reduces the size of pores. (takes time. Give it a month to work )
7. It makes the skin soft.
8. It adds a natural glow to the skin.
9. It brightens the skin.  (Again, it takes time to brighten, but give it a month)
10. Anti ageing properties. (Although I can’t second this claim)

1. Comes with a nozzle. A serum is supposed to be protected from any kind of air exposure as much as possible. So, nozzle is clearly unwelcomed .
2. It is Ayurvedic, so it takes time to show its effect.
3. It might not be the product for oily & acne prone skins.

Overall Verdict- An Average but safe serum in the long run. Dandelion is affordable & one bottle really lasts long, as it needs very small quantity.

Word of caution: - Make sure you don’t go out without sunscreen if using any serum. I prefer using it only in night time. (Any product works better at night) Also, keep it out of air as its effect will lose its intensity otherwise.

Will I recommend it?
Yes. I don’t see any harm in using it. But it is more like experimental approach. It would work well on some lucky girls’ skins & not at all on others’.

Have you tried this?
Share your views here!

 Meet you all in the next post. Keep enjoying!

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