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Quiiling and Silk thread necklace, earrings

Hey Everyone,

Today I am introducing you all to my new hobby: making jewelry at home by silk thread or quilling.

Here I am sharing with all of you the pics and in the end a tutorial link if you wish to spend your energy and give it a try:)


If you like it all, here are the tutorials to teach you step by step how to make these.

For Quilling:

For Silk thread:

Have fun creating!!

Lotus Herbals ECOSTAY LIP Colors- Magenta Magic, Cherry Joy, Apricot Bliss

A very warm welcome to all beauties on our blog!

It has been such a long time since I posted something. Hah! I feel good! So let's get started.

Today I am reviewing 3 Lipsticks from Lotus Herbals. I am biased towards natural products so Lotus Herbals is gaining my attention a lot these days for its quality products. Another reason for liking these lipsticks is that they are '100% vegetarian'- A claim which is not made by many companies.

About the product: 100 % Vegetarian Ecostay Lip colour is a Preservative free, natural, long lasting, hydrating lip colour. One swipe and your lips are ready for healthier shine all day long without any loss of moisture, ensuring flawless finish. SPF 20 gives UV protection. Give your lips this healthy nutrition.

Shelf Life: 3 years

Price:  545 INR

Qty: 4.2 g

Ingredients: Not mentioned

My experience:

Like I said, whenever it is feasible, I always opt for natural makeup. Lotus gives us a wide make up range. My first purchase was Apricot Bliss, I absolutely love the shade and whenever I used it, I got a lot of compliments. So I went to buy more. This time I was suggested Cherry and Magneta Magic, the shades immediately brightened my face, so I bought them. Among all, Cherry is my favorite and other shades are like nude shades but are build-able.

I would  like to mention here that though Lotus claims, I didn't find these lipsticks very moisturizing. In fact, as I have dry lips, I have to first apply the lip balm before using this Lip color. Secondly, the lipstick after some months tends to get a little dry, that means the lipstick does not glide on lips easily so you have to warm it a little bit for the color to really show on the lips.

However, what I really love about all these lip colors is they are natural and don't have any sharp fragrance or taste. Also they stay in tact for about 4 hours which include eating and drinking as well. But I have to laugh at their tall claim of ' long lasting, hydrating lip colour'. Ha!

Single coat
3 coats

From Left to right: Magenta Magic, Cherry Joy, Apricot Bliss

First and last shade will suit every skin tone from dark to fair. and the middle will look great on medium to fair skin tone.

Here is how they look on me:


Cherry Joy

Magenta Magic
Apricot Bliss

1) It is natural
2) Stays for almost 4 hours if you are not using any foundation underneath or pressed powder on top which can make it last longer.
3) Comes with SPF 20
4) Preservative free and 100% vegetarian
5) Doesn't dry the lips
6) Doesn't melt even in summer
7) It feels very light on lips as if you are wearing nothing.
8) has very subtle taste and no sharp smell

1) Not all colors are rich with pigmentation and hence may not cover the pigmentation on lips.
2) Some shades have to be applied for 3-4 coats to get a good visible color.
3) You have to apply moisturizer underneath if your lips are not naturally hydrated.

So what is the verdict?
Try and buy it! Despite its list of small cons, Lotus is still a promising brand and is worth trying.

Will I buy it again?
Apricot Bliss is my forever favorite. The color was quite rich in the beginning, I am a little disappointed at how it looks now. Nevertheless, I will always have to have at least one lip color from Lotus Herbals.

I hope the review helps.
Take care Girls! Keep smiling!

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