Friday, 24 March 2017

JUICY CHEMISTRY Ylang Ylang & lavender Daily Cleanser Review

Hey everyone!

Today I'm reviewing this lovely gentle and every day cleanser from Juicy chemistry. (I've previously reviewed JC's Argan and Rose serum and about the company HERE.)

The cleanser I'm reviewing today is different from other cleansers I have, as this comes in powder form and works as an every day very gentle scrub as well.

What the company claims: An exfoliation base of almond meal and oatmeal is infused with sensual lavender & luxurious ylang ylang. Wild forest honey is added to give your skin the much needed moisture kick. Impurities & dead skin are no match for this work-horse which smoothens your skin surface, leaves it baby soft & smelling beautiful.

Net Qty: 35 gms
MRP: 200 INR
Shelf life: (As with other JC's products, there is no mention of expiry date)

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I have combination skin, which is slightly oily on T zone and remaining areas are normal to dry. Foam face washes no matter how gentle they are, still dry my skin, so I wanted a very gentle and moisturising cleanser. I ordered this from Nykaa merely because I wanted to try this brand.

,And now that I've started using it, half of my daily skin care products are from this brand. I just love the lavender fragrance of this cleanser. The cleanser is in powder form and has come with a very cute wooden spoon. For cleansing my face with this cleanser, I take a scoop of this powder and mix the powder with milk in a glass bowl. I apply it on my face and let it be there for 10 minutes. After this, I wet my fingers, gently massage my face in circular motion and rinse my face thoroughly.

The granules in this cleanser are the softest I have encountered so far in any scrub. Also, the cleanser has a very relaxing cooling effect and smells like menthol. My skin really enjoys this cooling especially now in summer when the skin has to face a lot of heat. I keep the mixture in refrigerator for an extra cooling effect and use it even after coming back from office.

I love the fact that my skin doesn't feel dry a bit after washing my face and remains soft.

Overall thoughts:
I think this is one cleanser that will cater to the needs of all skin types: dry, oily, acne prone, combination and normal. Plus, It is very gentle and yet effective. It retains the skin's moisture and makes a perfect daily cleanser.

1) It's absolutely natural
2) free from preservatives
3) Doesn't dry the skin
4) freshens the skin and has a cooling effect
5) Amazing natural fragrance
6) keeps the skin soft

1) Price may be for some, but very small quantity is required and also one container will last easily around 3 months.

I couldn't really think of any other cons.:)

So, Will I buy it again?
Definitely. Since my skin loves moisture rich formulas, it is definitely one of cleansers I will repurchase.

Will I recommend it?
If price is not the issue, definitely give it a try. You will not be disappointed for sure, especially if you have acne prone skin or normal to dry skin.

Which one is your favorite HG cleanser? Do share your reviews with us in the comment section below.

With lots of love,

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