Friday, 7 July 2017

The Face shop SHEET MASKS - Rice mask, lemon mask review

Hi everyone!

Today I am going to review these sheet masks from the South Korean popular brand The Face Shop. You can also read my review on The Face Shop BB Power Perfection (Miracle finish).

I ordered these sheet masks from Nykaa along with my HG BB cushion cover from The Face shop.
That time, these sheet masks were on discount and I got 5 masks free with the purchase of 5 masks. Hurray!

I am going to review the Rice sheet mask and Lemon sheet mask today.

About the product:
Both the sheets masks are for brightening the dull skin and imparting a healthy glow to skin.

MRP: 100 INR
Ingredients: (given in the pic above)
How to use: (shown in the pic above)

My experience:
I was very excited to use it as it was my first ever sheet mask. I like to do all such things with my skin in the night time because skin gets plenty of rest time and the effect of the product shows more on the skin after a good night's sleep. So, I cleansed my skin, sprayed my favorite toner from Forest Essentials and then applied the mask on my face.

My first impression of this sheet mask was not good. :( First of all, it was really wet and dripping everywhere while I was unfolding it (they should really pack it more conveniently). Then when I tried to adjust it on my face, it was not fitting properly no matter how hard I tried. (standard size? really? Is this how a girl's face looks like to you, my dear The Face Shop?). After giving up my impulse to set it right, I let it work on my skin for 15 minutes while occasionally patting on the mask to make my skin absorb it well. (I kept it for half an hour)

As instructed, I removed the mask, patted my face dry, and slept without washing my face. Next morning, I could notice that my skin looked slightly brighter but there was not a significant, noticeable change. This is quite understandable as we can't expect something miraculous with just one application.

But if I am spending 100 bucks on a mask, I really expect its effect to at least last a day or two! However, I can't say this in case of these sheet masks.

Overall, I would admit that these sheet masks are good, but results are average and temporary. (Can't say if the same opinion will be true, in case someone uses it regularly.)

1) Does what it claims but results may not be very visible.
2) Effect doesn't last for more than a day.

1) Contains fragrances.
2) Cumbersome to handle due to its sticky, dripping liquid.
3) Expensive if someone wants to use it regularly.
4) Doesn't give any much noticeable instant results.

Overall Verdict:
Give them a try if you get them on discount. Otherwise, I really didn't find anything special about these sheet masks.
(I have recently bought Sephora's sheet masks which are said to be very effective and will review them soon)

Will I recommend it?
Just for the fun or experiment sake, especially, if you are getting them on discount, yes.

Will I buy it again?

Have you used these sheet masks? Do share your experience in the comment section below.

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